when your drawing do you ever just spend like 3 hours on perfecting the shape of the body of the person your drawing then it hits you that you still need to add clothes and a lot of the stuff you just spent hours perfecting is going to be erased?


science major friend: “Don’t worry, when I have a successful scientist job I’ll buy your paintings out of pity so that you can get by.” 
artist me: “It’s cute how you think you’ll be able to afford my paintings.”


Here’s what I’ve learned about doing commissions:

You either have to be

  • dying
  • starving
  • or an artist with 3000000 followers

to get commissions

Any other time you try to get commissions you may as well be an ant asking for sugar. It ain’t happening.


When I pass a test that everyone else fails



Reblogging your friends art like


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