• So many times young people will come to me and they will say, you know, a young man will say, “I desire to marry this girl.”
  • And I will say, “Why?”
  • And he will say, “Well, I love to be with her and she is beautiful and when I am with her we feel so good and it just meets so many needs in my life and there is just when she is around, my life is so much more endearing.”
  • And I will always ask him this question, “Well, then, what you are telling me is you want to marry this girl because she meets all your selfish self centered needs and desires?”
  • The young man will always say, “No, that is not what I mean.”
  • And I’ll always say, “But that is what you said. You want to be with her because she is beautiful. Young man, what happens when she is no longer beautiful? What happens when someone more beautiful comes across your path?”
  • Or, “We can really talk and that is why we want to be together?”
  • What happens when you can’t really talk?
  • “We feel so good together.”
  • What happens when those feelings for a season are gone?
  • You see, your marriage must be based upon this one thing. God has called me to lay down my life for this woman. If she responds in kind praise the Lord. If she does not respond in kind, praise the Lord because I am not in this for me. And in a sense I am not even in this for her. But I am in this for God.
  • The world will tell us that...that marriage is a 50-50 relationship. And then years ago Christians came along and said, “No. It is not a 50-50 relationship, it is 100%-100% relationship.”
  • I disagree with both. Marriage is 100%-0% relationship. You give 100% of everything you are to this woman even if she returns nothing of the sort back to you because you have been called of God to lay down your life for her.
  • -PW



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The things people do not understand when they see someone’s commissions prices; the person doing the work needs to be paid a fair wage for the work they do (and when cost of living/their bills go up, so do the prices they charge). So demanding someone lower their commission prices because you ‘don’t feel you should have to pay that much’ is demeaning the artist and their work. In essence, you are saying that they are not worth the amount they wish to charge and should NOT be paid a fair wage in exchange for all of their experience and effort.

So next time you find that your favorite artist has raised their commission prices, keep in mind that for many artists this as their sole means of income and they charge accordingly so that they can at least try to get by.

And as a side note: MANY artists are underselling themselves because consumers have been taught by big business (and the internet) that they should get something for next to nothing (and sometimes just for free), and that people often forget about the MANY faces behind those cheap and affordable products everyone takes for granted. When you aren’t dealing with a company and are dealing with an individual, the item you want is ALWAYS going to seem like it is vastly overpriced, when in reality, it is actually far under priced for the amount of work/ingenuity/materials/experience/etc that really went into the final product; You are paying for a labor of love, not just an end product.